Video 2: British wildlife

Play the video. Reorder the letters to complete the summary.


There are lots of different animals in the UK countryside. A very common animal is the fox (ofx). You usually see or hear these at night or very early in the morning. Another animal you can see at night is the owl (low). This is a bird that hunts in forests. Near rivers and ponds, there are two animals that you can see. There is the frog and there is the toad (aodt). Other common animals are the mouse (esmuo), which is very small, or larger animals such as the badger (aergdb) and the deer (eerd). There are other animals that are not so common. There is the otter (rtote), which eats fish and mice, and there is a type of snake called the adder. There are two types of squirrel (lrrqsuie) in the UK: the red and the grey.

Social and Emotional Learning

2. Answer the questions.

  • The fox, the squirrel and the hedgehog are urban animals in the UK. This means they live in towns and cities. What urban animals are in your country?
  • Choose one of the urban animals from your country. Imagine you are this animal and you live in your town or city. Describe where you live in your town and city.
  • What dangers are there where you live? What can humans do to make it safer for you?