Video 3: British weather

Play the video. Click on the ideas in the order you hear them.

  1. It's likely to rain if you visit Britain.
  2. The weather changes all the time.
  3. It can be cold when you wake up in summer.
  4. At lunchtime in summer, it can feel cool.
  5. Moscow is colder than Newcastle.
  6. Lots of British people watch the weather reports every day.
  7. It snowed a lot in spring 2013.
  8. British people always try to enjoy themselves whether the weather is good or bad.


Social and Emotional Learning

2. Imagine you live in the UK. Answer the questions.

  • What do you like the most about the weather and what do you like the least? Why?
  • What advice will you give to a friend visiting you from your country?
  • Which do you prefer: the weather in the UK or the weather in your country? Why?