Level 1 Tests

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Mr Harris opened his book again, but he didn't read it. He watched Carl's face, with its hungry eyes and its cold smile.

'What beautiful, beautiful diamonds!' Carl said. 'I can get a lot of money for these.'

'Give them back to me, Carl,' Elena whispered. 'My husband's going to kill me. You're my brother . . . Please help me. Please!'

to hit him.

'Go home, little , 'Carl said. 'I'm not going to the diamonds back to you. Go to your angry husband.'

Suddenly there a knife in the young woman's A long, bright knife. Mr Harris with his mouth open. He couldn't or move.

'Give the diamonds back me!' Elena cried. Or I'm going kill you! Her hand on the was white.

Carl laughed and laughed.' a sister!' he said. 'What a sweet sister! No, they're my diamonds Put your knife away, little sister.'

the knife in the white hand quickly: up, then down. There was long, terrible cry, and Carl's body slowly on to the seat. The of the seat began to change red, and the diamond necklace fell Carl's hand on to the floor.

face was white. 'Oh no!' she 'Carl! Come back . . . come back! I want to kill you!' But Carl answer, and the red blood ran over the floor. Elena put her in her hands, and again in carriage there was a long, terrible

Mr Harris's face was white too. opened his mouth, but he couldn't speak. He stood up, and carefully moved to the door. The young woman was quiet now. She didn't move or look up at Mr Harris.


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