Level 2 Tests

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Jennifer looked at the clock on the waiting-room wall. Nearly half-past eight. The light was still on in Doctor Gibson's room. I'm going to be late, she said to herself, why doesn't he hurry up? The evening surgery was always busy on Thursdays but tonight was worse than usual.

quickly put the newspapers in a Then she took off her white and locked it in the cupboard She was turning off the lights someone rang the front doorbell. Oh not another patient, not at this She ran to the door and it. Outside it was dark but could see a man, his hands in his pockets. He moved his and the light fell on his

'Richard!' she cried in surprise. 'What you doing here?'

'Can I come for a minute?'

He did not for an answer but pushed past and went inside. Jennifer turned to She was usually pleased when Richard but this was the wrong time. sorry, but you can't stay. I hurry. I'm meeting my friend Claire dinner and . . .' She stopped. It was eyes - they looked tired and worried.

the matter?' she asked.

Just then Gibson called from his room. 'Did hear the doorbell, Nurse? Was it patient?'

'No, it's only my brother she called back.

She turned back Richard. 'Is something wrong?' she asked

He shook his head. 'I'm fine,' said. 'It's just . . . well, I had some trouble at work.'


'It was nothing really. I said something to my boss and he didn't like it. He got angry with me and . . . and in the end he told me to go. So I've lost my job.'


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