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We had a small party afterwards, just the four of us. Then Ray and Phil went home and Jenny and I were alone together.

'Jenny, we're really married!'

'Yes. Now I can be as terrible to you as I like!'

For three years we had to make every dollar do the work of two. All through the summer holidays we worked at the Boat Club in Dennis Port. It hard work, but we were never tired to be kind to each I say 'kind' because there are words to describe our love and together.

After the summer we found 'cheap' flat near the university. It on the top floor of an house and was actually very expensive. what could we do? There weren't flats around.

'Hey, preppie,' said Jenny we arrived there. 'Are you my or aren't you?'

'Of course I'm husband.'

'Show me, then.' (My god, thought, in the street?) 'Carry me our first home!'

I carried her the five steps to the front

'Why did you stop?' she asked. isn't our home. Upstairs Preppie!'

There twenty-four stairs up to our and I had to stop half-way.

are you so heavy?' I asked

'Perhaps I'm expecting a baby.'

'My Are you?'

'Ha! I frightened you didn't I?'

'Well, yes, just for second or two.'

I carried her rest of the way. There were few moments in those days when were not worrying about money. Very and very wonderful – and that moment one of them.


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