Level 4 Tests

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It all started when the big, white bird flew out of the shiny leaves and yellow flowers. It rose up suddenly and turned away towards the mountains. I followed it. What else could I do in the middle of such a bright April day, at the foot of the White Mountains of Crete? The road was hot and dusty, but the valley was and full of the sound of The white wings which flew before moved quickly in and out of deep shadow of the trees and air was full of the sweet of the lemon grove.

The car Heraklion had stopped where the path Agios Georgios leaves the road. I out and turned to thank the couple who had brought me this Mrs Studebaker looked out of the window. 'But are you going to all right? You're sure this is right place? What does that sign

The sign was in Greek. 'It's right,' I laughed. 'That's 'Agios Georgios', the village is not far away, this path.'

I had been in since January of the year before. worked as a very unimportant secretary the British Embassy. I had always to visit Greece, and thought I lucky, at the age of to get any kind of job I had enjoyed my time in and had worked hard to learn

I was going to spend Easter my cousin, Frances Scorby. She was with some friends, who had hired boat, but she was going to leave them for a few days to be in Crete with me. We would join her friends later.


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