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Jack Griggs stands on his boat. The wind is strong and his boat moves quickly over the sea. A big, white bird goes past and makes a noise. 'Keyaaaa', it cries.

Jack smiles and says: 'Hello, bird. How are you today?'

Jack's friends laugh and give some fish to the bird.

'Ah,' says Jack. 'Hungry, I see.' Jack's friends are Max and Sasha, and his wife's name is Tonya.

' am hungry, too,' says Jack.

'Sandwiches drinks everybody? Tonya. Can you steer?'

an hour later they are eating. are we going to do now?' Jack.

'Oh, I am going to my book. Then I'm going to says Tonya.

'No - what about tomorrow? . . . month? . . . Next year?' Jack looks at 'We have lots of money from old business, but . . .'

'We can start business,' says Max.

'A sailing business?' Sasha.

'I don't want to work more,' says Tonya. 'We don't need work.'

'OK, listen to me, says 'I am thinking about sailing around world.'

Max, Tonya, and Sasha look Jack. 'What? From here to Australia?' Tonya.

'Of course,' says Jack. He getting very excited now.

'Max what you think?'

'I think we must talk about it,' says Max.

They talk about it for hours. It is night when Max, Sasha, and Tonya say excitedly: 'OK. Let's do it!'


  • 0-16 You may find this level too difficult. We recommend trying the Comic Strip Starters.
  • 16-19 This stage is just right for you.
  • 20 This stage may be too easy for you. We recommend you try the stage above.