Shine On

Picture Dictionary

Shine On! 1

Illustrations by: Gergana Hristova/Beehive (Story characters); Katie McDee (classroom equipment); Red Hansen/Shannon Associates (balloons); Brant David/Beehive (toys); Susan Swan (numbers); Lindsay Coils/Lemonade (robot body parts and face); Barbara Bakos (family members); Andy Hamilton (animals).

Shine On! 2

Illustrations by: Linda Cavallini/Advocate Art; Giovanni Abielle/The Organisation; Alida Massari/Advocate Art; Daniela Dogliani/Beehive Illustration; Gail Armstrong/Illustrationweb; Luke Flowers/Bright Agency; Daniel Limon/Beehive Illustration; Fiona Rose; Andy Elkerton/Sylvie Poggio.

Shine On! 3

Illustrations by: Pablo Gallego/Beehive Illustration; Kelly Kennedy/Sylvie Poggio Illustration; Susan Eaddy; Amanda Hall; Julia Patton/Bright; Victor Tavares/Beehive Illustration; Irina Golina Sagetalian/Beehive Illustration; Matthew Vimislik/Tugeau; Briony May Smith.

Shine On! 4

Unit 1: Alamy Images (boy playing volleyball/Olaf Speier), (teenager writing in notebook/Bob Daemmrich ), (girl using video camera/Rob Walls); Corbis (girl drawing/Jutta Klee/ableimages); Getty Images (boy skateboarding/GM Visuals), (boy with tennis racket/George Doyle); iStockphoto (baseball player/Roberto A Sanchez); Shutterstock (boy on bicycle/Jacek Chabraszewski), (boy playing football/Mandy Godbehear), (teen girl surfing/Max Topchii), (teen basketball game/Monkey Business Images), (castle illustration/AlexandraBonjour), (boy taking photos/Denis Kuvaev); Unit 2: Getty Images (film director/Fuse), (television journalist/Yellow Dog Productions), (boy jumping/Robert Daly), (boy watching scary film/Nick Dolding); OUP (grumpy teen girl/Digital Vision); Shutterstock (mason laying bricks/pryzmat), (office worker/kurhan), (boy dancing on street/DavidTB), (cleaner/Diego Cervo), (gymnast/chaoss), (artist painting/Stasique), (girl holding trophy/Rob Marmion); Unit 3: 123 RF (boy waving/Hongqi Zhang); Alamy Images (octopus on sand/Mark Conlin); OUP (boy looking sad/PT Images); Science Photo Library (thorny seahorse/Georgette Douwma); Shutterstock (dolphin jumping/aldorado), (parrot fish/Cigdem Sean Cooper), (shark/Andrea Izzotti), (humpback whale breaching/Paul S. Wolf), (turtle on beach/Neophuket), (grey seal/Dancestrokes); (boy making funny face/Felix Mizioznikov), 32 (maths student/Pressmaster); Unit 4: Alamy Images (mother and daughter/Image Source), (father and daughter looking at compass/Image Source); Corbis (water bottle/David Selman); Getty Images (children running outdoors/Jupiterimages); OUP (gold medal/Andrey_Kuzmin), (red cap/Coprid); Shutterstock (yellow backpack/design56), (first aid kit/omphoto), (pile of sterling money/chrisbrignell), (boy dressed as superhero/Kiselev Andrey Valerevich), (colourful umbrella/robinimages2013); Unit 5: Alamy Images (boy in sunglasses/Cultura Creative), (girl wearing gloves/Chris Rout), (girl in blue dress/wonderlandstock); Getty Images (woman using smart watch/Guido Mieth); iStockphoto (pink leggings/khvost); OUP (red striped dress/Lucy Liu), (blue trainers/Robert Babczynski), (jeans/robert_s), (red coat/Lepas); Shutterstock (sandals/Taiftin), (children's shirt/Ruslan Kudrin), (colourful scarf/Africa Studio); Unit 6: Clock illustrations: Venetia Dean/Advocate Art; Alamy Images (boy eating fried breakfast/MBI), (boy reading book/Anyka), (boy listening to music/Stockchildren), (father and sons building birdhouse/MITO images); Getty Images (children walking in woods/Andreas Strauss/LOOK-foto); iStockphoto (father and son birdwatching/Paul Harris); Shutterstock (sleeping child/iordani), (girl drinking milk/antoniodiaz); Unit 7: Alamy Images (girl drawing with pastels in art class/Hero Images Inc.), (boy doing homework/T.M.O.Pictures); Corbis (Medieval helmets/Richard Nowitz/National Geographic Creative); Getty Images (boy in science class/Jose Luis Pelaez Inc), (students practising on stage/Hill Street Studios); iStockphoto (children playing football in gym/Christopher Futcher), (judo/Kemter); OUP (teenager playing saxophone/David Jordan); Shutterstock (boy in front of blackboard/racorn), (boy pointing at map/Jacek Chabraszewski), (boy doing pottery/holbox), (young gymnast/Jiang Dao Hua); Unit 8: OUP (onions/D7INAMI7S), (chilli peppers/Stockbyte), (peppers/Ingram), (mushrooms/Yasonya), (potatoes/Deep OV), (bread/Laura Adamache), (butter/; Shutterstock (olives/martin garnham), (sausages/diogoppr), (ham/Viktor1), (strawberry jam/Bratwustle).

Shine On! 5

Starter Unit: Bill Greenhead/Illustrationweb; Unit 1: Alamy Images (drummer/xylophone/jay goebel), OUP (trumpet, guitar, piano, flute, ice hockey), Shutterstock (saxophone, piano, table tennis, golf, volleyball); Unit 2: Getty Images (town/Ian Dagnall/age fotostock), OUP (flags, city), Shutterstock (suburb, countryside); Unit 3: Alamy Images (using calculator/Richard G. Bingham, video game/David J. Green), iStock (laptop case), OUP (watch tv, headphones), Shutterstock (using mobile, using tablet, using camera, using laptop, phone case, watch strap, camera bag); Unit 4: Alamy Images (motorbike/Agencja Fotograficzna Caro, bus/Carpe Diem – UK, lady and balloon/colinspics), Corbis (sport shirt/Scott Terna/ZUMA Press), OUP (door number), Shutterstock (speed sign, 31 calendar, fireworks, chocolates, bananas, apples, olives); Unit 5: Alamy Images (snack), Corbis Images (playing/Flame), Getty Images (waking up/Fuse, getting dressed/Tara Moore/Taxi, coming home/Image Source, homework/Jamie Grill/Iconica, breakfast/Westend61, lunch/dinner/Blend Images), OUP (shower), Shutterstock (walking to school, sleeping); Unit 6: Alamy Images (setting the table, doing laundry, watering plants), Corbis Images (washing dishes/Fancy), Getty Images (dusting/Photodisc, vacuuming/Johner Images, cooking/Johner Images Royalty Free, folding clothes/Fuse), iStock (taking out rubbish), OUP (making bed), Shutterstock (walking dog, cutting grass); Unit 7: Alamy Images (cough/earache/sore throat/BSIP SA), Getty Images (blow nose/ONOKY, ill in bed/E+), OUP (fever), Shutterstock (headache, stomach pain, toothache, seeing doctor, dentist, take medicine); Unit 8: Corbis Images (shopping/Tetra), Getty Images (museum/Blend Images, painting/Hero Images, read magazines/Digital Vision), iStock (boat ride, friends, at the beach), OUP (picnic, watching tv, computer game), Shutterstock (cinema, restaurant).


Song animations by: Graham Young Partnership.
Story animations by: CCS Education.
Song and story animations compression by: Oxford Digital Media.

Website Characters

Illustrations by: Gergana Hristova/Beehive; Jacqui David/Advocate Art.

Levels 1-3

Illustrations by: Gergana Hristova/Beehive

Levels 4-5

Illustrations by: Jacqui David/Advocate Art