Oxford Wordpower Dictionary (3rd edition)

The dictionary that builds your vocabulary – fast!

Welcome to the Wordpower website. Here you’ll find lots of ideas and downloadable activities to help you get the most out of the Oxford Wordpower Dictionary. You can also download the answers to the Oxford Wordpower Trainer.

Exam practice questions
Interactive exercises that show students how they can use the Oxford Wordpower Dictionary to answer ‘Use of English’-style questions

Using the Wordpower Topic Notes
Classroom activities that will help your students to build their topic vocabulary

Oxford Wordpower Trainer – Answer key
Download the answers to the Oxford Wordpower Trainer.

Using monolingual dictionaries in class
Activities to teach dictionary skills and encourage your students to use learners’ dictionaries

Catalogue page
See the Oxford Wordpower Dictionary in the English Language Teaching catalogue

If you have any questions about the Oxford Wordpower Dictionary, the Oxford Wordpower Trainer or the CD-ROM, you can contact us at eltdict.help@oup.com. You can also check the list of Frequently Asked Questions.
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