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Here you'll find extra ideas and materials to work with American English File Second Edition and American English File in the classroom. We'll be adding to these resources all the time, so it's always worth coming back to see what's new.

American English File second edition Tests (Levels Starter to 3 only)
A new test for every File is now available, and includes Listening, Grammar and Vocabulary, Reading and Writing sections. Please contact your local ELT Consultant for the editable test documents, audio files and answer keys.

American English File resources.

Get Started with American English File Third Edition

Find advice on how to set up your new course, including all the information you will need to access and use your Teacher’s Resource Centre, Classroom Presentation Tool and Online Practice effectively.

American English File, Second Edition Pronunciation Flashcards

Print out and practice these flashcards with your students to build confident speaking.

American English File Introduction

From the Teacher's Book.


American English File wordlists as Word documents and PDFs, with suggestions for how to use them.

Introduction to the Common European Framework of Reference

What is the Common European Framework? What are its aims? An introduction to the CEF and American English File.

American English File Common European Framework of Reference correlation

These documents show how American English File correlates to the CEF. They provide both an overview of how the descriptors are covered in American English File and a detailed breakdown of how the descriptors are covered in each lesson of the Student Books.

American English File second edition Video worksheets (Levels Starter to 3 only)

Themed activities based on the videos in every File expand students’ learning with clear before-watching, while-watching and after-watching activities. Video worksheets also provide an opportunity for students to discuss their own experiences.

Teacher’s Books

Download your American English File Second Edition and Third Edition Teacher's Books.

American English File Syllabus

The syllabus checklist for your reference.

End-of-lesson Coolers

Ten extra minutes at the end of a class? Here are some fun activities for every lesson of American English File.

About Study Link

What Study Link is, how it works, and how it helps.

Cloze maker

Make your own cloze exercises, using your own texts or texts from American English File.

American English File second edition Mind maps

Mind maps for each American English File Vocabulary Bank. These are excellent tools which help students learn and categorize the vocabulary and understand relationships between words. Mind maps are also effective in aiding students with visual learning styles. There are two versions of each mind map: a completed mind map; and a practice version with blank spaces providing opportunities for testing.

Grammar Powerpoints

Grammar Powerpoints for classroom use to look at grammar points for the lesson in detail.