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Welcome to Business Result Teacher's Site. Business Result is a multi-level course for people who have an immediate need for English in their work. The communicative syllabus provides pick-up-and-use business skills and the Online practice offers flexibility and self-study options for students, as well as additional resources such as Photocopiable worksheets and Progress tests for teachers.

We hope you will find these additional resources useful.

Download Resources

All the case studies and activities in Business Result are validated by expert input from Cranfield School of Management. For more information, visit their website at (link opens in a new window).


Encourage students to check useful vocabulary from each unit and keep a record of new words and their meaning.

Writing files

Writing lessons linked to the Student's Book, covering different types of documents that students may need to write in their jobs, such as short reports, memos, and minutes of meetings.

Vocabulary cards

Printable cards with several suggested activities and games to enable you to review and recycle the target lexis from each unit.

Overview of a unit

Take a look at these PDFs to get a taste of what Business Result has to offer.

Teacher development materials

Worksheets for the Teacher Training DVD from the Teacher's Book in A4 format so making multiple copies is easier, plus training notes and related articles for extended teacher training sessions.

Progress Tests

Unit progress tests from the Business Result Teacher’s Books in editable Word files, so you can adapt them to your needs.

Student’s Book audio scripts

Print or download the Student’s Book Audio scripts for Students to follow in class or adapt to use in exercises.

Placement tests

Use the multiple-choice-question test along with the guided speaking test to determine which level of Business Result you should use with your students.

Reading Files

Extra reading lessons linked to the Student's Book, providing students with an opportunity for more in-depth reading practice and development of reading skills, such as scanning and skimming.

Expressions cards

Printable cards with several suggested activities and games to enable you to review and recycle the key expressions from each unit.

BEC Practice files

Printable practice file supplements for BEC Preliminary, BEC Vantage, and BEC Higher based on Business Result material with answer keys, plus exam information for each level.

Cloze Maker

Make your own cloze exercises, using your own texts or the texts from Business Result.

Class DVD worksheets

Worksheets for each video clip, to download and use in class.