Welcome to Champions Teacher's Site.  Here you will find all the course resources, including worksheets, tests and planning documents.

Don't forget to visit the Champions Student’s Site, too. It contains e-cards, web quests, dialogues, and more, all of which can be used on a computer or on an interactive whiteboard!

Reading & Writing worksheets

Download these worksheets to provide your students with extra reading and writing practice.

Grammar worksheets

Download extra grammar practice for your mixed-ability classes.

Puzzles worksheets

Download practice of the vocabulary and grammar in the Student's Book, with the emphasis on fun!

Teacher's Book PDFs

Download the Champions Teacher’s Books.

Web Quest Teaching Notes

Download teaching notes and answers for the web quests on the Student's Website.

DVD worksheets

Download worksheets for the Champions 2nd edition DVD.

Vocabulary worksheets

Download extra vocabulary practice for your mixed-ability classes.

Pairwork worksheets

Download extra oral communication practice.

Games worksheets

Download two board games for each level of the course.

Planning documents

Planificaciones for every level of Champions 2nd edition.

Readers activities

Watch a video and find activities for using with the readers that come with Champions.