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Welcome to the English File Teacher's Site.

There are two parts to the site: this one, for teachers, with downloadable teaching resources, and a Student's Site, with lots of interactive exercises.

You will find further support for English File 4th edition in the Teacher's Resource Centre, which provides a bank of online resources all in one place. Here you can also track the progress students are making on Online Practice.

Get Started with English File fourth edition

Find advice on how to set up your new course, including all the information you will need to access and use your Teacher’s Resource Centre, Classroom Presentation Tool and Online Practice effectively.

English File Wordlists

The English File 3rd edition and English File 4th edition wordlists with key lexical phrases and vocabulary items.

Practical English mini-phrasebook

A two-page PDF with all the YOU HEAR/YOU SAY language from the Practical English lessons – perfect for students who are travelling. This is also available in black and white, and on the Student’s Site.

Common European Framework of Reference Introduction

What is the Common European Framework of Reference? What are its aims?

Common European Framework of Reference Portfolio

The main aim of the Language Portfolio is to present language qualifications and learning experiences in a clear way. This document contains three sections: the Passport, the Biography, and the Dossier. It gives an overview of descriptors as well as a detailed breakdown of where they are covered in each lesson of the Student’s Book.

Adapting Tests for students with dyslexia

Warmers, Coolers, Fillers

Use these ideas as 'fillers' at the end of a class. Many of them will also work well as warmers, or as quick revision activities.

Course Syllabuses

The New English File and English File third edition syllabuses.

English File Recommended Readers PDF (4 MB)

Choose the right graded reader for your course

Answer Keys

English File answer keys for Student's Books.

Teacher's Guides

Complete support for every lesson including lesson plans, photocopiables, and extra ideas to make each lesson your own.

English File Dyslexia-friendly Tests

English File unit and progress tests specifically designed for learners with dyslexia.

Listening Scripts in Word

Full listening scripts from the Student’s Book as Word documents to adapt and use in your lessons.

Crossword Maker

Download adaptable New English File and English File third edition crosswords, or make your own to give your students fun vocabulary practice.

Common European Framework of Reference Mapping

These documents map New English File and English File third edition to the CEFR. It gives an overview of descriptors which shows where they are covered in New English File and English File third edition, and a detailed breakdown of the Student’s book which shows the descriptors covered in each lesson.

UK ESOL Guides

ESOL guides map New English File to the Adult ESOL core curriculum, and Skills for Life exam guides for Cambridge ESOL.

Weblinks and Projects

Weblinks with topics related to the lessons and suggested ‘mini-projects’.

Study Link Resources

What Study Link is, how it works, and how it helps.

Vocabulary mind maps

Mind maps for each of the English File Vocabulary Banks. The mind maps are an excellent tool to help students categorize and memorize the vocabulary. They can be used to understand the relationships between words and are a useful aid for those who have a visual learning style. Each mind map is supplied in two versions: Complete: a version that contains all the lexical items in the Vocabulary Bank; Practice: a blank version for use in class, so you can test the vocabulary in the Vocabulary Bank and also add in other words if you want.