Welcome to the online home of English Plus.

 Here you will find materials to download and use in the classroom, as well as useful information about the course.

2nd Edition DVD worksheets and teaching notes

Download and print out the worksheets and notes to use in class.

Self-assessment checklists

The Self-assessment checklists include:

- A checklist of key skills which are taught in the unit. Students are directed to specific pages in the Student’s Book, and decide for themselves if they are satisfied with their progress.
- Questions which ask students to consider learning styles, strategies and objectives.

Workbook Audio

Download the English Plus 1st and 2nd Edition Workbook audio files.

Class Audio 2nd Edition

Download the English Plus 2nd Edition Class audio files.

Teaching mixed ability

Tips on teaching mixed ability classes and how English Plus caters for mixed ability students.

From the author

Read a letter from Ben Wetz, the author of English Plus, where he explains the ideas behind the course.


English Plus Wordlists, with lexical items, phonetic transcriptions, and key phrases, as well as colour picture banks.

Drama and Curriculum Extra worksheets and audio

Download the popular 1st edition Drama worksheets with audio and teaching notes, and the 1st edition Curriculum Extra worksheets with answer keys.

Teaching students with dyslexia

How you can help students with dyslexia achieve success in the language classroom.

Key competences

The European Framework for Key competences for Lifelong Learning were introduced into education legislation at the end of 2006, with the aim of identifying and promoting the specific areas which individuals need to develop in order to maximise their long-term educational and career development.

Lesson Plan templates

Download editable lesson plan templates for skills-based, grammar, and vocabulary classes.