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Welcome to the English Result Teacher's Site.
Here you will find extra resources to work with English Result in your classes.

Teacher's Books

Download your English Result Teacher’s Books.

Language Portfolio

Download the Language Portfolio for students to use with each level of English Result.

Websearch Worksheets

Unit-by-unit worksheets, on Student's Book topics, to give your students fun and stimulating reading practice using the Internet.

Teacher Training DVD Worksheets

These teacher's notes and worksheets are designed to be used in conjunction with the English Result teacher training DVD. Trainers can use the worksheets in a training session to facilitate group discussion and reflection on the issues presented in the DVD.

Audio Scripts

Full audio scripts from the Student's Book and Workbook as Word documents to adapt and use in your lessons.

Topic Wordlists

English Result wordlists organized according to topic.

Grammar Bank

The English Result Student's Book Grammar Bank reference section and exercises.

Testing and Assessment

Everything you need for English Result testing and assessment - unit tests, speaking and listening tests, mid-course tests, and end-of-course tests, including A and B versions. Available as PDFs and editable files.

Common European Framework of Reference Mapping

Download the CEFR Mapping guides to use with each level of English Result.

Website articles

Ideas on motivating adult learners in EFL classes, by the English Result authors.

Reading Texts

Selected reading texts from the English Result Student's Book as Word documents to adapt and use in your lessons.


English Result wordlists, with key lexical phrases and vocabulary items.


The English Result Student's Book contents pages, for reference.


From the English Result Teacher's Book.