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Welcome to the Explorers Teacher's Site. Here you can find all the downloadable resources for First Explorers, Young Explorers and World Explorers. The downloads are all referenced in the Teacher's Book for the relevant level.

Downloadable resources

The extra worksheets and wordcards to supplement the course are all referenced in the Teacher’s Book. Here you will find help with mixed ability classes, extra worksheets to exploit the DVD, further development of the cross-curricular topics, festivals and stories that appear in the book and wordcards for all of the core vocabulary.

First Explorer's Teacher's Books

Download your First Explorers Teacher's Books.

Young Explorers 1 Entry Booklet ZIP (47 MB)

Downloadable audio and teaching notes. All Audio and teaching notes to be used with the Entry Booklet.

Support and catch up

Extra help worksheets for those who need to revisit some areas of the syllabus.


Extra DVD worksheets.


Downloadable word cards for all the flashcard vocabulary in all 6 levels.

Young Explorer's Teacher's Books

Download your Young Explorers Teacher's Books.

Reinforcement and Extension

Each unit of the course has reinforcement and extension worksheets to help you deal with mixed ability levels in your class, making sure each child receives the right level of activities.


Supplementary worksheets for the cross-curricular or CLIL lessons.

Festivals and stories

Supplementary worksheets for the Festivals and stories.

Evaluation Booklets

Download the Evaluation Booklets for First Explorers, Young Explorers and World Explorers in PDF format.