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Welcome to Get Ahead Teacher's Site

Here you will find class audio files, samples of the Teacher's Resource Disc worksheets and tests, and lots more great resources to support using Get Ahead in your classes.

Class audio

Download the class audio.

Lesson Plan Templates

Download these lesson plan templates to help you plan for your classes.

Get Ahead Can-do List PDF (2 MB)

A complete list of Can-Do statements for every unit of every level showing what your students can learn with Geat Ahead. (Japanese) (Get Aheadの学習到達目標を 各レベルでユニットごとにまとめました。)

Teacher’s Resource Disc: Worksheets

Download worksheets for additional classroom or homework activities.

Course syllabus

Refer to the contents page of each level for a quick guide to the syllabus.

Classroom English

Refer to this list of useful expressions for teachers and students to use English at every opportunity in the classroom.

Get Ahead Recommended Readers PDF (3 MB)

Choose the right graded reader for your course

Teacher’s Resource Disc: Test Center

Download the tests for all 3 levels. All tests are supplied as PDFs and editable Word documents.