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What's on the Student Site?

Bulldog and friends invite your students to take part in a wide range of practice activities and games. Read in more detail about the interactive practice tasks for Cambridge Young Learners 'Movers' and 'Flyers' and all the other activities on the site.

Happy Earth and Cambridge Young Learner's 'Movers' and 'Flyers'

Find out about the resources available to you (both online and in the Happy Earth Activity Books and Teacher's Books) to help students prepare for these exams.

Cambridge Young Learners practice activities

Here you can download practice activities for 'Movers' and 'Flyers' for immediate use in the classroom, together with separate answer keys.

iTools Test Builder audio

Here you can download the audio files that accompany the Cambridge Young Learners practice tests on Happy Earth New Edition iTools Test Builder.

Where on Earth? worksheets

Here you can download extra worksheets for immediate use in the classroom, one for each episode of the puzzle adventure story Where on Earth? There are also separate downloadable answer keys.

Using the plays in Happy Earth

Here there are useful suggestions for using the playscripts at the end of Happy Earth

About the authors

Meet Bill Bowler and Sue Parminter, the authors of Happy Earth.


Here you can download Happy Earth wordlists in Microsoft Word to edit and use as you wish.

Where on Earth? useful links

Links to other websites where you can find background information on the countries visited in the adventure story Where on Earth?

Useful links

Links to other websites where you can find background information about a variety of topics and a source of ideas and materials for your teaching.

Planning documents

Here you can view or download syllabus documents.