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Welcome to the Headway Teacher's Site.There are two parts to the site: this one, for teachers, and a Student's Site with lots of interactive exercises.

Headway Wordlists

Download these wordlists to help your students learn more English with Headway.

Headway Video Scripts

Download the Headway Fourth Edition and Fifth Edition Video Scripts in Word format to adapt for you lessons.

Using the Student's Site

A guide to the interactive exercises, games and vocabulary work on the Headway Student's Site.

Examination Training

Download worksheets with tips, techniques and practice for typical examination tasks.

Teaching students with dyslexia with Headway Fourth Edition

Download specially adapted versions of the Headway Fourth Edition Elementary, Headway Fourth Edition Pre-Intermediate, Headway Fourth Edition Intermediate and Headway Fourth Edition Upper-Intermediate Student's Book reading texts for learners with dyslexia. You can also download guidelines for adapting tests for students with dyslexia.

Course Syllabuses

The New Headway Fourth Edition syllabuses.

Headway Dyslexia-friendly Tests

Headway unit and progress tests specifically designed for learners with dyslexia

Headway Tapescripts

Download all the Headway tapescripts in Word format to adapt for your lessons.

The Common European Framework of Reference

A downloadable reference guide which maps New Headway to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEF), and offers a clear and simple introduction to the CEF.

Headway Digital PET Practice Test

Download the audio to accompany the PET Practice Listening Test which can be found in PDF format on the New Headway Fourth Edition Pre-Intermediate Teacher's Resource Disc.

Reading and Speaking

Extra texts for more reading practice, plus related exercises on vocabulary and speaking. – Only available on this website.

Headway Digital Cambridge English: First (FCE) Answer Keys

Headway Recommended Readers PDF (4 MB)

Choose the right graded reader for your course