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Welcome to the Inside Reading  Teacher’s Site!


Throughout this Teacher's Site you’ll find sample materials and strategic support that will help you and your students take full advantage of Inside Reading.


Inside Reading – Table of Contents

The table of contents for each student book for your reference.

Audio Recordings

Sample audio recordings. We provide audio recordings for every reading text. The files are available to students online as mp3 files.

Sample Reading Skill Worksheets

Worksheets provide extra reading skill practice.

The Academic Word List PDF (1 MB)

Based on a corpus of 3.3 million words, the Academic Word List (AWL) is the most principled and widely accepted list of academic words.

Sample Video Transcripts

Authentic videos for selected units are available on iTools and the student website. Videos engage students in the topic and activate prior knowledge. Glossed video transcripts provide comprehension support.

Student Book Sample Units

Provides you with one sample unit for each level of the Inside Reading Student Books. Each sample unit features high interest texts and explicit reading skill instruction.

Assessment Program Sample Units

Samples of printable and customizable unit tests and answer keys. The assessment program also includes printable and customizable mid-term and final tests. The complete assessment program content will be available on the Inside Reading Oxford iTools DVD ROM.

Inside Reading iTools

The Inside Reading iTools is for use with an LCD projector or interactive whiteboard. It features resources for whole class presentation, including videos and animated presentations as well as resources for assessment and preparation.

A Quick Guide to Inside Reading, 2nd edition

A Quick Guide to Inside Reading, 2nd edition provides a brief walk through of each Student Book, highlighting the features and benefits of using Inside Reading in the classroom.