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Welcome to the insight Teacher's Site.

insight is a five-level, thought-provoking course that challenges students to reach their full potential. This site provides extra resources to use in the classroom and help you get the most out of insight.


Get Started with insight

Find advice on how to set up your new course, including all the information you will need to access and use your Teacher’s Resource Centre, Classroom Presentation Tool and Online Practice effectively.

How to... guides

Nine invaluable guides which tackle key teaching issues and provide ideas and suggestions for activities to use in the classroom.

Functional language bank PDF (457 KB)

A compilation of key communicative phrases from throughout the course.

Insight Wordlists

insight wordlists with phonetic transcriptions, definitions and example sentences.

Insight Recommended Readers PDF (5 MB)

Choose the right graded reader for your course

Dyslexic-friendly reading texts

Adaptations of the Student’s Book and Workbook reading texts for dyslexic students.

Teacher's Guides

The insight Teacher's Book provides everything you need to tailoring your lessons to perfectly fit your students' needs.

Writing bank PDF (991 KB)

A compilation of the key writing formats practised throughout the course with notes and tips on how to write them.

Reading text audio tracks

Extra audio tracks to accompany the reading texts in the Student’s Books and Workbooks.

insight Top 10 Tips

A series of Top 10 Tips to help you in the classroom, looking at 3 different topics: Reading, Writing and Using Literature.