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Welcome to the Let’s Go teaching resources page. Here you’ll find extra teaching ideas, resources and support for getting the most from Let’s Go.

This is also where our Let's Go authors share teaching tips, stories and advice on teaching young learners – for free:

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Sample Lessons

Try out Let's Go for free.


Watch recordings, given by the Let's Go authors, of presentations on teaching young learners.

Facebook chats and blogs

The Let's Go authors answered teachers' questions on Facebook. Read their answers and their blog articles here.

Let's Go Worksheets 3rd edition

Reproducible worksheets and instructions for every level of Let's Go.

Let's Go Certificates 3rd edition

Certificates for all seven levels.

Let’s Go Certificates 4th edition PDF ( 1 MB )

Certificates of completion for all levels.

Let's Go DVD Booklet 3rd edition

Songs, Karaoke, and Solo versions for Let's Go songs, Levels 1-4.

Cambridge English: Young Learners Correlation 4th edition

Download a chart that compares Let's Go levels to Cambridge English: Young Learners levels (PDF).


Free video tips from the authors on teaching young learners.

My Let's Go Story

Read what teachers have to say about Let's Go.


Download the 4th and 3rd edition syllabus for each level.

Let's Go Tests and Quizzes 3rd edition

Downloadable versions of Tests and Quizzes and supporting audio files.

Let's Go Phonics 3rd edition

Tapescripts and answer keys for all 3 levels.


Use these Let's Go images for your materials!

Wordlists 4th edition

Download the wordlist for each level (PDF).

Let's Go! Grammar and Listening

Let's Go Grammar and Listening consists of three Activity Books with accompanying CD's.

Student's Site

Fun activities for students, and lesson summaries for their moms and dads.

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