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Welcome to the Navigate Teacher's Site.

Here you will find lots of great resources to support you when using Navigate in your classroom. Please have a look at the list below to see what useful resources are available for you.

Teacher's Guides

Download your Navigate Teacher's Guides.

Common European Framework of Reference Mapping

These documents map Navigate to the CEFR. There are two documents: an overview and the full mapping document. The overview is a quick guide to what is covered, and the full document contains the descriptors and a detailed breakdown of the Student’s book showing where they are covered in each lesson.

Audio Scripts

Full listening scripts from the Student’s Book as Word documents to adapt and use in your lessons.

Sample Units

Full sample units available including audio and video content from Teacher's Guide, Coursebook and Workbook allowing you to experience this truly adult, truly international course at your convenience.

Sample Unit Videos

Every unit in Navigate includes a video lesson – either a documentary or authentic interview which supports the unit topic

Vocabulary mind maps

Mind maps for each unit of every level of Navigate. The mind maps are an excellent tool to help students categorize and memorize the vocabulary. They can be used to understand the relationships between words and are a useful aid for those who have a visual learning style. Each mind map is supplied in two versions: Complete: a version that contains all the lexical items in the unit; Practice: a blank version for use in class, so you can test the vocabulary in the unit and also add in other words if you want.

Grammar Powerpoints

Grammar Powerpoints for classroom use to look at grammar points for the lesson in detail.

Video scripts

Full scripts for the Coursebook videos and Vox Pops videos.

Teaching students with dyslexia

In this section you will find specially adapted versions of the main reading texts from the Student's Book of Navigate Elementary. These downloadable reading texts have been visually simplified and are presented in a format which is helpful for students with dyslexia.


Watch four lesson overview videos for the B1 level with course advisor Catherine Walter.


Articles written by Navigate contributors covering Reading, Listening, Grammar, and the Oxford 3000 Vocabulary list.

Scope and Sequence

The Navigate syllabuses.

Component Maps PDF (1 MB)

An overview of all the components available with Navigate for both teachers and students.

Coursebook Answer Keys

Download the Navigate Coursebook answer keys to use in your lessons.

Test content from Teacher’s Resource Discs

End of course, Progress, Unit, Speaking and Writing tests for testing your students, plus answer keys and audio files

Workbook Answer Keys

Download the Navigate Workbook answer keys to use in your lessons.