Welcome to the New Horizons Teacher's Site, your first port of call for supplementary materials to download and use in the classroom.

Teacher's Books

Download your New Horizons Teacher’s Books.

Audio scripts

Click here to access all the audio scripts from the Student’s book in Word format. Download the files and adapt to produce your own exercises.

DVD worksheets and scripts

Make the most of the additional video clips that feature on iTools and on the Student’s CD-ROM. Download the audio scripts in Word format to adapt and produce your own exercises.

Exam skills answer keys

Download the answer keys for the Exam/Maturita/Érettségi skills pages in Workbooks 3 and 4.

What’s on the Student’s site?

Coming soon! The New Horizons Student’s site, offering interactive exercises plus games. Students can download the Vocational Language Bank wordlists (levels 1 and 2) as well as the corresponding audio.

Vocational Language Bank

Access the Vocational Language Bank for levels 1 and 2. These wordlists, specially written by industry experts, provide an invaluable source of information for students who wish to learn career-specific terminology. All audio is available as MP3 files to download and ensure students perfect their pronunciation. Supplementary worksheets to test vocabulary are also available for levels 1 and 2.


Download the New Horizons Workbook wordlists for all four levels.

CLIL worksheets from iTools

Download the CLIL worksheets, audio and answer keys from Levels 1, 2, 3 and 4.