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Welcome to The Oxford Picture Dictionary Third Edition teacher's website.

The Oxford Picture Dictionary program provides unparalleled support for vocabulary teaching to meet the needs of today's English language learners. Throughout this teacher's website you'll find sample materials and strategic support that will help you and your students take full advantage of the OPD program.

Get started with the Oxford Picture Dictionary, Third Edition

Find advice on how to set up your new course, including all the information you will need to access and use your Teacher’s Resource Centre, Classroom Presentation Tool and Online Practice effectively.

OPD Third Edition Classic Classroom Activities

Engaging partner and small-group activities provide vocabulary practice in authentic contexts. Two sample activities are provided.

OPD Third Edition Workbooks

The Low Beginning, High Beginning, and Low Intermediate Workbooks offer vocabulary reinforcement activities that correspond page for page with the OPD. Sample pages are provided for each Workbook.


The OPD Third Edition supports your efforts to meet national and state standards. Correlations available for download include CASAS Competencies, CCR Standards for Adult Education, WIDA Standards, Common Core State Standards, WIOA, and state-specific standards for California, Florida, and Texas.

Bilingual Editions

Bilingual editions offer teachers an extra boost by providing first-language support for students. Bilingual editions for The Oxford Picture Dictionary Third Edition are available for Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Vietnamese, and French.

OPD Third Edition Student e-Book

The OPD Enhanced Student e-Book with additional practice activities can be used in class, during lab time, or as an independent learning resource. Available on desktop and tablet.

OPD Third Edition iTools Classroom Presentation Tool

The OPD iTools on USB increases classroom engagement with on-screen OPD pages, audio and video at point of use, and whole-class interactive activities.

OPD Reading Library

Contextualized readings help students retain new vocabulary while learning more about everyday life, civics, academics, and workplace themes. One sample reader is provided.

Second Edition Teacher Resources

Download Workbook Answer Keys, worksheets, correlations, and other materials for use with the OPD Second Edition.

Oxford Picture Dictionary Soft Skills Lesson Pack PDF (3 MB)

Because teaching soft skills is essential, the OPD3e has a new, dedicated soft skills topic. Here are all of the resources you need to try a lesson.

Welcome to the OPD Third Edition PDF (4 MB)

This introduction provides a tour of The Oxford Picture Dictionary and highlights what's new in the Third Edition.

OPD Third Edition Table of Contents PDF (285 KB)

The Table of Contents provides a full list of topics available in the Third Edition.

OPD Third Edition Sample Pages

View sample pages from The Oxford Picture Dictionary Third Edition.

OPD Class Audio Program

The Class Audio Program supports vocabulary comprehension and pronunciation. Sample audio is provided to support the sample OPD pages.

OPD Teacher Resource Center

The OPD Teacher Resource Center is an easy-to-use collection of downloadable resources that support The Oxford Picture Dictionary. Watch the video to learn more about the website's unique features.

OPD Third Edition Assessment Program

The Assessment Program includes ready-made tests and extensive question banks which can be customized and printed to suit your assessment needs. One sample test is provided.

OPD Third Edition Lesson Plans

Step-by-step lesson plans for each OPD topic include expansion activities and references to guide you on how to integrate the components of the program. One sample lesson plan is provided.

OPD College and Career Readiness Toolkit ZIP (9 MB)

This professional development resource outlines how picture dictionaries can support the College and Career Readiness Standards. The Toolkit includes the CCR Skills Builder Handbook, as well as printable graphic organizers and teaching suggestions.

Oxford Picture Dictionary Third Edition Lesson Pack ZIP (28 MB)

Build students' vocabulary, reading, and critical thinking skills with the Oxford Picture Dictionary program. Try a lesson in your class today.