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Welcome to the Project Teacher's Site. Please choose from the list below to access a variety of information, resources and downloadable files to support your Project teaching.

Project fourth edition vocabulary flashcards

Vocabulary flashcards to practise key vocabulary from levels 1-3 of Project fourth edition.

Project experts

Find out more from ELT experts about topics such as teaching pronunciation and listening, effective testing and using technology in the classroom.

DVD worksheets

Worksheets with engaging exercises covering all culture topics on the DVD for each level.

Project iTools

Project iTools is a set of resources to use on interactive whiteboards. The content comes from the Student's Book and has been chosen specifically for its interactive potential in class.

Every Project iTools CD/DVD-ROM includes a guide. Written by Gareth Davies, it helps you to use whiteboards with ease and confidence.

Project Online Practice

The Project Fourth Edition Online Practice offers an easy-to-use online learning management system for teachers, students, and parents. It provides five levels of additional material linked to the lessons in the Student's Books and Workbooks helping to prepare students for success in the 21st century.

Try the Project Online Practice Demo for free.

Project Recommended Readers PDF (3 MB)

Choose the right graded reader for your course