Welcome to the Project third edition Teacher's Site. Please choose from the list below to access a variety of information, resources and downloadable files to support your Project lessons.

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Teacher's Guides

The Project third edition Teacher's Book contains complete lesson notes, classroom management and teaching techniques, and more.

Project iTools

Project iTools is a set of resources to use on interactive whiteboards. The content comes from the Student's Book and has been chosen specifically for its interactive potential in class.

Every Project iTools CD/DVD-ROM includes a guide. Written by Gareth Davies, it helps you to use whiteboards with ease and confidence.

Ask Tom

Ask the author! Tom Hutchinson answers your questions on teaching with Project third edition.

Skills-based tests

Additional tests for listening, reading, writing, speaking and vocabulary exercises.

Your Projects

View real projects made by students using the Project series.

Project Third Edition Workbook

Anglicko-český slovníček a přehled gramatiky.

Introduction to Project work

Tom Hutchinson explains what project work is, what benefits it brings, and how to introduce it into the classroom.

Project Language Log

The Project third edition Language Log, based on the European Language Portfolio and the CEF, is an individual record of your students’ progress in learning English.

Teacher's Project third edition lessons

Share your Project third edition lesson ideas with other teachers. Email your ideas to: elt.multimedia@oup.com

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