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Welcome to the Rainbow Bridge Teacher's Site, providing you with additional resources and support.

Evaluation grids

Evaluation grids to record pupils’ performance and track their progress.

Picture dictionary

Worksheet version of the Level 1 Picture dictionary, with additional word tracing.

Culture and Festivals (Levels 4 and 5)

Notes and transcripts for the Levels 4 and 5 Culture and Festivals lessons.

Galchobar’s Quest Cards (Level 4 Review Game) PDF (846 KB)

Colour materials for the Level 4 Review Game, Galchobar's Quest.


Transcripts for the Season, Story, CLIL, and Location videos.

Photocopy Masters

Additional Photocopy Master cut-out templates for Levels 1, 2, and 3.

Fairy Tales

Worksheets to use with the Fairy Tales videos on the DVDs.