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Welcome to the Shine On! Teacher’s Site, providing you with extra teaching ideas, resources and support:

• Press Pass for all levels
• A syllabus for each level (1 class per week and 2 classes per week)
• Special Educational Needs checklists
• A classroom language reference sheet with audio
• Special Educational Needs teacher training videos

The resources available on this page will support your class preparation and teaching.
The special educational needs materials will help you identify and support students who have a range of learning issues. Use the story and mixed ability worksheets on the Teacher's Resource CD-ROM to follow up and consolidate what your students have studied in the classroom.

Teacher's Books

Download the Shine-On! Teacher's Books.

Checklists of indicators of students with special educational needs (SEN) PDF (340 KB)

These checklists help identify students who have one or more special educational needs. If you are concerned about the behavior of a particular student, use this list to more precisely diagnose the possible problem.

Press Passes (Levels 4, 5, and 6)

When students complete a level and unravel the mysterious code, they can cut out and fill out a Press Pass.


These worksheets provide extra activities for students.

Classroom language

Use these sentences in the classroom for your students to practice English. You can use the recordings as a model for them to repeat and practice the sentences.


Use and adapt these tables to create customized syllabuses for your students and plan your classes.

Shine On! Recommended Readers PDF (860 KB)

Using Graded Readers in the Elementary classroom is an effective way to engage students of all abilities and learning needs. With the Shine On! readers correlations, you can find readers that match the level, language and topic of each unit of the course.

Videos about teaching children with SEN

Marie Delaney, SEN specialist for Shine On!, discusses ways to help children with special educational needs and how to work together with parents and caregivers.

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