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Welcome to the Show and Tell Teacher’s Site.  Here you will find extra resources to help you when using Show and Tell with your class.

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Get Started with Show and Tell

Find advice on how to set up your new course, including all the information you will need to access and use your Teacher’s Resource Centre, Classroom Presentation Tool and Online Practice effectively.

Teach 21st century skills with confidence

Video teaching tips and tools to help you understand what 21st century skills are and help you teach them with confidence.

Finger puppets PDF (973 KB)

Download and print the Show and Tell finger puppets to bring the book’s beloved characters into your classroom. They will help to develop not only your students’ English, but also their fine motor skills.

1st edition Student MultiROM Track Listings PDF (3 MB)

Make it easy for parents to help their children develop at home. Download track listings for the songs on the Student MultiROM.

2nd edition Teaching Strategies

Strategies to help introduce the unit topic and get children talking

2nd edition Teacher’s Guide Sample PDF (1 MB)

Download a sample of the Teacher’s Guide: Level 2, Unit 1, Lesson 1.

Teacher's Books

Download the 1st and 2nd Edition Teacher’s Books for each level.

Do you teach primary?

Do you teach primary-aged children as well? There are some helpful tips and resources on the Oxford Discover Teacher's site.

Finger puppet activities PDF (245 KB)

Practical activities from the authors of Show and Tell to help you start using the finger puppets in your classes.

2nd edition Common Core State Standards Correlation Guide PDF (2 MB)

This document provides key information about the most important elements of the CCSS. Specifically, it shows how these elements create instructional shifts away from traditional reading instruction, how they introduce new teaching strategies with a focus on comprehending increasingly complex text, how they promote higher academic rigor in social studies and science, and how Show and Tell 2nd edition is designed to support successful implementation of these elements.

2nd edition Supplementary Resources PDF (4 MB)

Here you will find a range of titles that best complement Show and Tell, whether you want additional resources for your students or to expand your own knowledge of teaching and learning.