Welcome to the Solutions Teacher's Site, which offers you materials for Solutions First Edition, Solutions Second Edition and Solutions Third Edition to download and use in the classroom, as well as useful information about the series.

Solutions First Edition, Solutions Second Edition and Solutions Third Edition Downloadable Resources


Get Started with Solutions Third Edition

Use the step-by-step guidance, digital tools support, and course methodology training to help you get started.

Teacher's Books

Download the Solutions Teacher's Books to make teaching with Solutions easy, effective, and enjoyable. Includes teaching notes and answer keys for each unit.

Workbook keys

Download the Solutions Workbook keys for Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate and Advanced.

Solutions Wordlists 2nd and 3rd Edition

Solutions 2nd and 3rd Edition Wordlists, with lexical items, phonetic transcriptions and key phrases.

Solutions Advanced Grammar Builder and Vocabulary Builder answer keys 2nd Edition

Download the answer keys for Solutions Advanced Grammar Builder and Vocabulary Builder for 2nd Edition.

Self-Test Sheets 2nd Edition

Printable Self-Test sheets for vocabulary revision.

Audio 2nd Edition

Audio for Solutions Advanced, including the Culture Lessons, Literature Lessons and Workbook Extra Listening Practice.

Frequently Asked Questions 1st and 2nd Edition

Browse our list of FAQs about Solutions.

Literature Worksheets

Solutions literature worksheets with audio and teacher's notes to support comprehension, language skills and creativity.

‘How to’ Guides for Professional Development

Get helpful suggestions for ways of improving your teaching.

Solutions 3e Teacher’s Guides

Download Solutions 3e Teacher's Guides.

Placement test

The Solutions placement test will provide you with a guide as to which level of the course is the most appropriate for your students.

Course syllabus

See what is taught in every level of Solutions.

Audio scripts 2nd and 3rd Edition

Audio scripts for Student's Book and Workbook audio in an editable format.

Worksheets 2nd Edition

Printable Classroom Activities for further practice.

Warmers and Fillers 2nd Edition

Ideas for short revision activities you could do at the start or end of a class, or give to students to do themselves.

DVD Worksheets

Solutions Worksheets from the DVD-ROM to accompany the course video.