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Welcome to the Step Forward Teacher's Resource Site. Please see below for additional materials to support your teaching.

Additional Step Forward Exercises

Download and print additional Problem solving exercises for your students.

Additional Resources

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Step Forward Interactive Activity List

Use this guide to see every activity within Step Forward Interactive Levels 1-4 to better plan your lessons and your students' practice.


Step Forward: Language for Everyday Life is correlated to CASAS Adult ESOL Standards. Correlations are found on this website for the following levels: Intro, Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, and Level 4.

Step Forward Placement Guide and Correlations to National Assessments

Use this tool to place your students in the appropriate Step Forward level. The placement guide aligns the Step Forward levels to the following: NRS Educational Functioning Levels, SPL, CASAS, BEST, and BEST Plus.

Step Forward Unit Tests

Download and print Step Forward unit tests for your students.

Step Forward Audio Program Track Listings

Download and print the track listings for Step Forward Audio CDs and Cassettes.

Step Forward Extensive Reading Guide

Use this correlation to find readers from our Bookworms and Dominoes series that complement any Step Forward level.

The Oxford Picture Dictionary, the ideal companion to Step Forward

The Oxford Picture Dictionary is the ultimate multilevel resource for vocabulary expansion and remediation. Topics in Step Forward correlate to those in the OPD and allow learners to practice the target language in a variety of meaningful activities that build their retention, recognition and production of the new language.

Check out the world's best-selling picture dictionary by clicking here.