Welcome to the Surprise Surprise! Teacher's Site.
Here you can find lots of extra teaching ideas and resources, plus further support on making the most of Surprise Surprise! in your classroom.

Classroom Language

A list of useful classroom language for you.

Lesson Plans

You can download a lesson plan suggestion for each level of Surprise Surprise!


You can download the syllabus summary here.

Letter to/from Uncle Harry

You can download a copy of the templates for letters to/from Uncle Harry to have fun with your students. Ask them to write a letter to Uncle Harry and use the templates provided here to create his reply.

Stories and Surprise Surprise!

Surprise Surprise! makes storytelling easy, and stories are a motivating and engaging way to learn English.

Greetings Cards

You can download and print greetings cards for your students to color and send to their family and friends.


You can download a copy of the certificate for each level of Surprise Surprise!

CLIL and Surprise Surprise!

You can download a chart with the description of the content area of the curriculum and resources in Surprise Surprise!

Festivals and Seasons Activities

You can download a selection of activities related to festivals and seasons.

Photocopy Masters Book Activities

A selection of activities from the Photocopy Masters Booklets A & B.

Tests and Answer Keys

Here you can download Surprise Surprise! tests and answer keys by level.