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Welcome to the Trio Writing Teacher's Site!

Trio Writing is a three-level writing skills title for learners of English at the A1–B1 level. The series creates academic success at the earliest stages of language acquisition.

• Oxford 2000 keywords provide essential vocabulary
• Accessible grammar instruction prepares students to write
• Step-by-step writing helps students turn ideas into successful writing
• Online Practice with Vocabulary & Grammar Chants and activities

Throughout this Teacher's Site you'll find sample chapters and materials that will help you take full advantage of the course.



See what's included in the Trio Writing Student Books, Online Practice, and iTools. View the Oxford 2000 List of Keywords and correlations to the CEFR and international standards and tests.

Student Book Sample Chapters

Contains a chapter from each level of Trio Writing.

Vocabulary & Grammar Chants

Contains samples of Trio Writing's original Vocabulary & Grammar Chants.

Scope and Sequence

View the full Scope and Sequence for all three levels of Trio Writing.

Assessment Program Sample

Contains a sample chapter test and grading rubric.

Vocabulary & Grammar Chant Videos

Contains videos for select Trio Writing Vocabulary & Grammar Chants. Each video is available with or without captions.