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"Excuse me teacher, I need your help" Pragmatic competence and language learning

23rd - 25th October 2018


Pragmatic competence is the ability to use language appropriately depending on the context of interaction. This webinar explores why it is important...

Researching the classroom

6th-7th November 2018


In this webinar we will explore a 5-stage model of research to help us explore what is happening in our own classrooms and so make better-informed...

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Researching the classroom | Martyn Clarke

15 October 2018

In this OUP blog post from March 2017, we briefly described 5 key stages that we could usefully take when carrying out action research into what...

Learning and teaching pragmatics | Anna Krulatz

3 October 2018

Successful communication entails much more than following the rules of grammar, having a large lexicon, and speaking in a way that is intelligible to...

10 top tips to help you connect with your student’s parents

27 September 2018

Parents and carers sometimes can be difficult to deal with; they didn’t learn English like their children, none of the current digital tools...

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Business English dictionaries: do we need them?

How specialist English dictionaries can be helpful for both teachers and students.

CEFR in Primary

The CEFR is learner centred, promotes learner autonomy, and places an emphasis on self-assessment and the concept of life long learning.

The Common European Framework: 'For' and 'Against'

Read the summary of the points raised at the recent ELT Journal/IATEFL Debate.

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