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Teach the Whole Child – with Animated Stories

11th February 2020


This webinar will show teachers how to use animated stories from Learn English with Dora the Explorer to engage very young learners with natural...

Using Q: Skills for Success in the classroom

20th February - 21st February 2020


Inquiry-based learning sparks students’ natural curiosity and encourages them to take responsibility for their own learning to create new knowledge....

ELTOC 2020 Session 2

27th - 29th February 2020


For this session there will be a variety of talks from four of our experts! The talk abstracts from Shaun Wilden, Therese Hopfenbeck, Nick...

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Why Governments Should Incorporate Global Skills in Education

24 January 2020

A changing world To varying degrees, we’re all experiencing the advances of a more globalized and open world. We view images on social media that...

How to increase access to high-quality ELT assessment

17 January 2020

This blog starts with two key statements that are facts: English is the world’s Lingua Franca. It’s spoken by 25% of the world’s population and there...

Adaptive testing in ELT with Colin Finnerty | ELTOC 2020

14 January 2020

OUP offers a suite of English language tests: the Oxford Online Placement test (for adults), the Oxford Young Learners Placement Test, The Oxford...

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Business English dictionaries: do we need them?

How specialist English dictionaries can be helpful for both teachers and students.

CEFR in Primary

The CEFR is learner centred, promotes learner autonomy, and places an emphasis on self-assessment and the concept of life long learning.

The Common European Framework: 'For' and 'Against'

Read the summary of the points raised at the recent ELT Journal/IATEFL Debate.

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