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Oxford Seminars

From 10/10/2017 to 30/06/2018

Did you hear what I said?

12th - 23rd March 2018

Good listening skills are vital – students who find listening difficult usually have problems with pronunciation and speaking, too. In this session...

Oxford National Primary Conference

4th - 20th April 2018

Corso di Formazione e Workshop Interattivo con Sarah M. Howell e Lisa Kester-Dodgson, autori di Treetops e Rainbow Bridge, la novità Oxford per la...

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Teaching more than English – giving students the professional skills to succeed

5 March 2018

Disrupting our definition of Business English in the 21st Century In a recent Washington Post article entitled ‘The surprising thing Google learned...

Using games for win-win learning | Q&A

27 February 2018

Over a thousand teachers attended the webinars on Using games for win-win learning and there was plenty of discussion in the chatbox with teachers...

Making teaching personal | How to bring client-led content into your teaching

22 February 2018

Teaching a group of business English students first thing on a Monday morning – short of going for a jog in sub-zero temperatures – is one of the...

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Business English dictionaries: do we need them?

How specialist English dictionaries can be helpful for both teachers and students.

CEFR in Primary

The CEFR is learner centred, promotes learner autonomy, and places an emphasis on self-assessment and the concept of life long learning.

The Common European Framework: 'For' and 'Against'

Read the summary of the points raised at the recent ELT Journal/IATEFL Debate.

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