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The potential of smart devices in the EFL classroom

22 August 2016

Thomas Healy is one of the authors of Smart Choice as well as an Assistant Professor in the Intensive English Program at the Pratt Institute, New...

Easy, motivating and meaningful ways of using digital tech in the classroom

17 August 2016

James Styring taught English and Spanish to students of all ages and levels. He also ran teacher-training sessions and was an oral examiner for the...

IELTS Speaking Practice: Part 3 – What’s the word?

21 July 2016

Louis Rogers is a freelance author and senior academic tutor at the University of Reading. He has worked in a number of countries and taught in...

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Easy, motivating and meaningful ways of bringing digital technology into the classroom

24th or 25th August 2016


Join us for a webinar with James Styring and learn how to make classes more motivating for students without spending any money.

The potential of smart devices

7th or 8th September 2016


How much time do your students spend on their smartphones? Imagine if they could use some of this time to improve their English! Join Thomas Healy,...

Reading Skills for the Selfie Generation

21st or 22nd September 2016


Join us for a webinar with Thomas Healy and learn how we can we build their traditional reading skills while improving their digital literacy.

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The Common European Framework: 'For' and 'Against'

Read the summary of the points raised at the recent ELT Journal/IATEFL Debate.

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