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Collocations in Academic English

Activities focusing on understanding, finding, and using collocations in academic English (Written for Wordlink)

Tourism communication activity

A communication activity for students who are learning English for a career in tourism.

Descriptions and attitudes

A set of activities to practise descriptions and giving opinions, taken from International Express.


This activity has been taken from Listen and Do, part of the Oxford Basics for Children series, and helps young learners practise a set of words they are familiar with.

Reward and remuneration

Try this activity from English for Human Resources, the ideal quick course for HR and recruitment professionals who need English for their jobs.

What do I spy?

This activity has been taken from Vocabulary Activities, part of the Oxford Basics for Children series, and is intended for young learners age 7-12.

Dictionary activities: Practising pronunciation

Using a learner's dictionary for practising pronunciation.

Dictionary skills lesson (Collocations)

A dictionary skills lesson focusing on collocations.


Taken from Essential Business Grammar & Practice this activity is ideal for general reference, self study, and practice in the classroom.

Open Access

In this article, we look at free academic resources: courseware, course creation software, and ways of accessing books and periodicals.

Leisure Activities Grammar

A ready-to-use grammar activity that will get students asking each other questions.

Train Times

A ready-to-use listening and speaking activity that gets students working in pairs to ask each other questions.

Social Bookmarking

Using social bookmarking sites to find resources for the English language teacher by Diana Eastment.

Word Linking

A ready-to-use lesson plan that practises word linking and intonation in questions and statements which use the present simple, yes/no questions, imperatives, and will.

Noisy Neighbours

Get your students to rehearse and perform a sketch.