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Improve listening and memory skills with this simple trial and error game.

Language Quests

Unleash the power of the Internet for English language learners with through these versions of Web Quests.

Arranging meetings

A writing lesson for Business English students.

Football Star

A fun class activity based around popular culture

Holidays Around the World

A web search activity for young learners

Two Red Socks

A picture cards activity for young learners

The Common European Framework? We don't need bureaucrats to tell us how to teach!

Frank Heyworth explains why he opposes the motion 'The Common European Framework? We don't need bureaucrats to tell us how to teach!'

How English Works

Improve your written and spoken English with this second set of activities from How English Works.

Story writing

The purpose of this activity is to encourage children to write short, cohesive stories that are creative and full of imagination.


Try this Reading and Listening task on 'Sport' taken from Oxford Exam Excellence, suitable for secondary school students preparing for examinations in English.

Stardust starter

Why not try this starter lesson from Stardust to see if your student's enjoy an inter-galactic adventure.

The customer journey

Improve your customer service techniques with this activity adapted from English for Specific Purposes.


Find out how to create blogs and how to use them in your teaching.

Tips on learning phrasal verbs

Useful suggestions on helping students to record and organize phrasal verbs to make learning easier.

Emphatic 'do'

Activities practising using 'do' to emphasise a sentence.