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Key concept: Pragmatics

What impact has pragmatics had on language teaching?

Listening to English: comparing young learners and very young learners

Practical tips on how to devise effective listening activities for your young learners and very young learners.

The power of picture books

Discover the basics of incorporating picture books into the young learners' classroom.

How to teach listening

A downloadable natural English Teacher Development chapter.

What makes a good reader?

Find out the definition of a 'good graded reader'.

Fun with rhymes

Two rhymes with actions for children aged 3 to 6.

The role of graded readers in a language course

Find out why graded readers are such a valuable resource in language learning and teaching.

Language students as letter writers

A range of letter writing activities.

Confusing words

A series of lesson plans to explain words that look alike, sound alike or seem alike.

'The little white cat' story and activities

A story for the primary classroom, with full instructions for accompanying activities.

Internet activity

A fun and educational web-based activity for young learners.

Musical footnotes

'Music and movement' games for young learners.

From word to phrase to sentence: a new approach to teaching grammar (Part 2)

Discover why we should focus on teaching the most frequent words in English.

Seven types of story-based activities

Retelling stories in class: seven types of activities that show what you can do.