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Arguing for words

A dictionary activity which encourages lots of discussion.

Teaching adult beginners

This article looks at what adult beginners expect from their English course.

Dating customs

A ready-to-use culture activity that will provide plenty of entertainment for your students.

Adding words to a story

Give your students an opportunity to start writing creatively.

Dictionaries as a teaching resource

Ideas for making the dictionary a primary source of interaction.

Guardian Weekly series: Discovery listening - improving perceptual processing

This article describes a listening technique based on word recognition.

Solving problems with fluency: part 2

Discover how to increase the benefits and reduce the problems related to fluency activities.

Easy vocabulary revision exercises

Activities to use any time your students need to revise words and phrases.

Implementing task-based learning with young learners

This article analyses themes relevant to the classroom implementation of task-based learning.

Interview with the author of Potato Pals

Patrick Jackson talks about the making of his new series of stories for young children.

Improving your students' listening skills

Some areas worth thinking about when teaching listening.

Key concept: Noticing

Find out why 'noticing' is an important tool in English language learning.

Introduction to Children's Jazz Chants Old and New

Suggestions about how to use chants and songs in class.

Adults are people too

Three suggestions for helping adult students get the most out of your classes.

From word to phrase to sentence: a new approach to teaching grammar (Part 1)

Discover why we should focus on teaching the most frequent words in English.