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Internet Basics

A guide to using the Internet with young learners.

Introduction to project work

Find out what benefits project work brings, and how to introduce it into the classroom.

His car is his kitchen

An entertaining and surprising story with activities to help your students build their vocabulary.

Writing an essay

Useful tips on how to plan and write essays and reports.

Education in Britain crossword

A crossword which reviews vocabulary related to the education system in Britain.


A pair game for young learners to practise simple past sentences.

Third conditional story

This fun activity provides the opportunity for students to develop an understanding of the third conditional.

Creating class stories

A group writing activity.

Buildings and Homes

Students can test their vocabulary with this unit from Test It, Fix It.

Countable and uncountable nouns

Grammar practice exercises.

Writing an informal letter: saying thank you

A writing lesson for Intermediate students.

'The bus won't go' story and activity

An activity aimed at developing children's listening and interaction skills through the use of storytelling.

Where and when?

In this film-based activity students watch a film clip and discuss the setting.

Company formation: writing effective legal letters

An activity aimed at increasing students' understanding of law in the work environment; includes example letters and practice questions.

Class records

A grammar practice exercise with a personal focus.