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Get free downloadable articles, lesson plans, and activities. Remember to check back regularly to access the newest resources for teaching adults.

A guide to teaching teenagers and adults online PDF (579 KB)

Get expert advice on making the shift from the physical classroom to the remote classroom.

A guide to using e-book graded readers PDF (784 KB)

Get your learners started with extensive reading online, build their reading habits and keep them motivated to continue their reading journey.

Christmas activities PDF (1 MB)

A collection of themed activities for all levels and abilities to expand and revise vocabulary, and develop reading and writing skills.

Guy Fawkes Night - a lesson for adult learners PDF (861 KB)

Themed lesson plans and activities to support your pre-intermediate adult students with their reading skills and a revision of direct and reported speech.

Valentine’s Day adult PDF (400 KB)

Themed lesson plans and activities to support your elementary adult students with a discussion and guided writing activity.

Insight Wordlists

insight wordlists with phonetic transcriptions, definitions and example sentences.

Back to School lesson plans PDF (190 KB)

A collection of lesson plans perfect for teachers and students returning from the summer or winter break.

World Photography Day Resources PDF (1 MB)

Themed lesson plan and activities for using photographs in the class for adults.

A guide to teaching with reduced contact hours - adults PDF (235 KB)

Make the most of the classroom time available when your contact hours with students are reduced.

Teaching advanced learners

A collection of articles for teachers of advanced level learners on demonstrating progress to students, undoing ingrained mistakes, and finding topics and texts to engage students.

Easter adult PDF (361 KB)

Themed lesson plans and activities to support your intermediate adult students with reading, grammar revision and writing activities.

Halloween Worksheets PDF (1 MB)

A collection of themed activities for all levels and abilities to expand vocabulary, develop reading and writing skills and improve grammar.

World Space Week adult PDF (274 KB)

Themed lesson plans and activities to introduce this festival to your intermediate adult students and develop their reading and discussion skills.

Myths and legends (Adult lesson plan) PDF (905 KB)

Capture the imagination of your Adult learners with some of history’s most entertaining myths and legends!

World Oceans Day activities PDF (544 KB)

Ocean themed lesson plans and activities with an environmental twist.

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All The Lesson Ideas For Graded Readers You’ll Ever Need!

22 November 2021

In this blog, I have provided some lesson ideas as examples of how graded readers might be used in the classroom. There are four sections –...

Classroom Management Through The Eyes Of A Teenager

12 November 2021

I recently participated in a LIVE event on social media to discuss questions about Classroom management and group dynamics for teenagers with Montse...

Warm-Up Activities For New Classes

7 October 2021

The best warm-up activities are all about getting students engaged, and providing them with new interesting ways to work together and connect. They...

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