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Download lesson plans, worksheets , practice activities, tests and much more.

Placement test

The Placement test can also be used as a general CEFR test.

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Free tests, test answers, and book answers

Lesson plans

An archive of the latest lesson plans from Grammar to Go to support your teaching in the classroom.

Reading files (1st and 2nd editions)

Build students' reading skills with these interesting business-related articles and exercises.

Grammar Reference with Practice exercises

The Grammar Reference has related grammar exercises.

Intermediate classroom tests

Download and print tests for every section in the OEGC Intermediate book. These can help to show what your students need to study, or how well they have learnt the material you have covered. Answer keys are provided with references back to the book.

Unit and Progress Tests

Unit and progress tests and answer keys to print off and use in class

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19 November 2019

We are living in exciting times! As language teachers, we are in a privileged position to open up our learners to new ideas and instil important...

Teaching English with Technology | ELTOC 2020

24 October 2019

We know that with fast-paced change, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest trends. Jargon heavy instructions for unfamiliar technology can...

7 Steps to Assessing Skills in the Secondary Classroom

23 October 2019

Take 21st Century Skills to the next level! Read our latest position paper. There have been numerous mentions of the importance of focusing on...

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