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Welcome to the Oxford Kids' Club 'Members Only Section' of the OUP Japan website. The Oxford Kids' Club is a special service commitment that endeavors to make a positive contribution to the English education of children and provide outstanding service for teachers using our materials. As a member, you are entitled to unlimited access to this section of the site. You will find a wealth of downloadable materials to supplement your lessons, teaching tips and articles for teachers of children.

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Motivational Teaching in the English language classroom

5 May 2017

Nick Thorner, author of the professional development title ‘Motivational Teaching‘ in the Into The Classroom series, explores some of the...

Giving children more agency in class: A Q&A session with Annamaria Pinter

26 April 2017

Annamaria Pinter is Associate Professor at the Centre for Applied Linguistics, University of Warwick. She has published widely in the area of Young...

Teaching resources for English Language Day

12 April 2017

Martyn Clarke has worked in ELT classrooms as a teacher and trainer for over twenty years and in more than fifteen countries. He has taught English...

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