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Join Adult ESL educators, thought leaders, and advocates for conversations about important topics.

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Helpful and free Adult ESL resources for members of Oxford Teachers’ Club.

Step Forward Second Edition sample Lesson

Step Forward Second Edition Lesson Pack

Specifically created for Adult ESL in the US, Step Forward equips learners with the English they need for work and academics. Try a unit in your class today.

Oxford Picture Dictionary soft skills lesson pack

Oxford Picture Dictionary Soft Skills Lesson Pack

Because teaching soft skills is essential, the OPD3e has a new, dedicated soft skills topic. Here are all of the resources you need to try a lesson.

College and career readiness toolkit

OPD College and Career Readiness Toolkit

Learn how picture dictionaries can support the College and Career Readiness Standards with this useful toolkit, which includes resources for class.

Adult ESL OPD-Sample

Oxford Picture Dictionary Third Edition Lesson Pack

Build students' vocabulary, reading, and critical thinking skills with the Oxford Picture Dictionary program. Try a lesson in your class today.

Step Forward Professional Development Resources

Step Forward Professional Development Resources

Includes instructional tips, tools, and templates to support your use of Step Forward Second Edition in the classroom.

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2 April 2020

What is autism? You may or may not have taught individuals in your English language teaching classrooms with autism. Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)...

Rigor, Routines and the Real (Global) Skills

24 March 2020

Advanced-level English language instruction focuses on helping adults achieve the language proficiency they need to transition out of their English...

5 Easy Classroom Activities Involving Movie Trailers

6 December 2019

Almost thirty years ago, when I first started teaching, the use of feature films in the classroom was considered a ‘Friday afternoon treat’ –...

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