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How to understand and teach adolescents effectively | OUP

16 November 2018

Do you remember when you were a teenager, arguing with your parents, thinking that adults ‘just don’t get it’! It’s a typical behaviour, it’s a stage...

25 ways of randomly placing students into pairs or groups

13 November 2018

There are many benefits to getting students to work in pairs and groups. These range from giving students more speaking opportunities to creating...

Teaching young learners and teenagers English | Are we all on the same page?

5 November 2018

This presentation draws from my experience of working as an ELT teacher, teacher educator and researcher in relatively underprivileged contexts in...

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Tips on how you can help your students progress to 'extensive' reading.

Internet activity

A fun and educational web-based activity for young learners.

What is happening in English?

Michael Swan considers how and why the English language is changing.

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