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What makes a good coursebook?

We asked Robin Walker, freelance teacher, teacher educator, and materials writer, to explore the key features he looks for in a good coursebook. This is the first article of a four part series.

Bring your ELT coursebook to life!

Breathe new life into your coursebooks with these practical tips from Oxford ELT Consultant, Kolos Esztergályos.

Introducing the Headway Phrase-a-day app

Learn useful everyday English phrases at your own pace with our fun app.

Discover what's different about Oxford EAP Advanced

Julie Moore tells us what's new about this level, and explains the video lectures and research essay project.

A professional approach to teaching professionals

Do ESP teachers need to adopt a different approach for their classes of professionals such as doctors or nurses? And how can they adapt their teaching style to best suit the needs of these learners? Sam McCarter suggests some practical ways of bringing language to life for professionals.

The Express Series has gone digital

It's never been easier to study on the go, now that English for Football, English for Fashion, and English for Aviation are available as e-books, with extra functionality!

So you think you can write?

Ever fancied writing for a publisher? Stephen Greene, co-author of the Cambridge English Proficiency Masterclass Teacher's Pack, shares his writing journey – and it wasn't always easy.

Thoughts on the new Cambridge English: Proficiency (CPE) exam

The new Cambridge English: Proficiency exam was introduced back in March 2013, but what do students think of it? John Potts, ELT teacher and author, shares the experiences of his current class.

How to survive in the freelance market – part one

Ever thought about becoming a freelancer? This is the first of a series of articles from two ELT professionals who have successfully done just that: Mike Hogan and Bethany Cagnol. Here, they share advice on surviving financially, getting organised, managing your online reputation and getting work.

Chat to teachers around the world with twitter

Twitter has become one of the easiest ways to 'talk' to likeminded professionals in the ELT world. Discover how you can get started now with twitter chats.

10 attack strategies for teaching the text in Business English

Business English expert John Hughes shares his top tips for approaching a piece of text in Business English or ESP. Read his blog post, and watch a recording of his webinar on the same topic.

Catch up with Grant Trew, Tactics for TOEIC® author

In these two interviews, Grant shares his thoughts on how to motivate and engage low-level students in order to help them pass an exam like the TOEIC.