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The value of continuous assessment

Keep track of your students' progress with these ideas for continuous assessment from Stacey Hughes, teacher trainer at Oxford University Press.

How to survive in the freelance market
Part Three - Mapping out a sales and marketing strategy

Freelance professionals Mike Hogan and Bethany Cagnol offer advice on building relationships with clients and making sure you stand out from the crowd.

Feedback on academic writing
Part One - Less is more

Find out how to give your students constructive feedback on their writing. This is the first of three articles from Julie Moore, co-author of the new Oxford EAP Advanced.

EAP in the classroom
Part Two - Focus on listening

Edward de Chazal, co-author of Oxford EAP, outlines the challenges of academic listening, and offers some handy hints to help students improve.

What makes a good coursebook?
Part Three - Meaningful pronunciation

English pronunciation is a particularly tricky subject for non-native speakers. How can coursebooks help learners to improve their skills in this area? Robin Walker, freelance teacher, teacher educator and materials writer offers some ideas.

Improve your students' IELTS scores

Follow these simple steps to help your students achieve even better IELTS scores.